Wax Maxer Pro Vape Pen

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About this product

The wax maxer is the most inclusive vape pen when paired with the battery featuring the storage container. With a built-in dab tool, all you need is your pen filled with concentrates, the battery fully charged and you are good to go for days. Click on the buy now button and learn more why this is the pen for you if you like connissoure style waxes and concentrates.

About this strain

Glad Max, cultivated by Monarch Wellness in Arizona, is a spin on the classic sativa-dominant Caramelicious. This high-THC hybrid strain is known to have long-lasting euphoria that lifts the mood while relaxing the body. Consumers have compared this strain to Mother’s Helper in its aroma and effects, but Glad Max is said to carry even happier, more lighthearted qualities. Its buds have a sweet, earthy aroma and tend to take on a slight caramel hue with maturation.


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