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The strong quartz glass construction appeals to oil producers and avid vapers who demand performance. Verified® Vapes’ glass is BPA free, and withstands breakage and drops. Every component has been carefully selected to provide a safe, consistently smooth vaping experience.

Ceramic Core
Our proprietary ceramic core delivers the full flavor of precious oils, while preserving the oils’ purity. Its porous material absorbs oils without coming into contact with the heating element to maintain the oils’ integrity.

Ceramic core
Exceeds heavy metals testing requirements
Quartz glass reservoir
Failure rate 0.005% (1/2,000)
Mouthpiece options: black or white ceramic, and wood

Technical Specifications:
Top-loading fill design
Volume: 0.5ml, 1.0ml
Apertures: 1.0mm, 2.0mm
Resistance 1.4 ohms
Universal 510-thread
10mm / 52mm (0.5ml)
10mm / 62mm (1.0ml)

Tamper-proof mouthpiece
Certificates of authenticity
Security seals
Sanitation by ultra-violet lighting
Batch codes


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