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he Heavy Hitter Edition – THC-O vape carts contain 930mg of a hemp-derived THC-O dominate blend; Blended for a SMOOTH taste and potency! No throat burn here!

THC-O, reportedly, provokes deep thought and mental clarity, with an energizing effect. This is the perfect product for day time use or a quiet planning session. Over-indulgence may result in hallucinations.

Caution: THC-O is 3-5 times the potency of Delta-8, but delayed in it’s reaction. Give yourself a few extra minutes after your first pull before increasing intake. As with any cannabinoid or infused products, start low and slow! Never operate heavy machinery within 5-7 hours after use.

1ml vapes. Made with hemp-derived THC-O distillate and all natural terpenes.

Multiple blends available to suite your needs. All are sure to please!

Select the flavor profile you love!


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