Suver Haze HHC Flower

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Suver Haze is one of the most popular hemp strains because it offers the motherlode of CBD.

However, adding HHC across Suver Haze’s epic buds created a duo that can’t be missed. From mind-blowing levels of CBD and HHC to mouth-watering terpenes, HHC Suver Haze is a one-two punch that’s perfect for anyone ready for relaxation.

The flowers of HHC Suver Haze burst with trichomes and orange pistils, making them a treat to stare at. As HHC Suver Haze’s trance leaves you, it’s time to break apart the flowers and indulge in its uplifting terpene profile.

The initial aroma of Suver Haze is filled with pepper, pine wood, and lightly roasted nuts. The flavor instantly sticks to your tongue with heavy-handed tones of dank citrus, pepper, and subtle earthiness.

As the smoke fills the air, HHC Suver Haze’s effects are loaded with relaxation, mood enhancement, and a general sense of wellbeing. Overall, HHC Suver Haze Flower is the perfect option to unwind from a long day at the office or gym.

Whether your mind or body needs assistance, HHC Suver Haze brings the best cannabinoids to the front. Ultimately, HHC Suver Haze is a one-of-a-kind hemp-derived strain that shows how well CBD and HHC pair together.


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