Space Cake 2ml D8 + D9 THC Vape Pen

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Challenging the highest of tolerances, Habit rechargeable vapes pack a massive punch.

Habit’s D8 + D9 THC hemp extract blend spares no room for less potent analogs of fillers. Habit combined the strongest. actives for the best experience, and loaded it in the hardest hitting hardware available.

Habit’s 2 gram rechargeable cartridges vaporize gobs of oil with every rip, and even offer a preheat function to maximize efficiency.

You can rest assured you are not inhaling toxic heavy metals or pesticides with Habit, as thier oil batches all undergo comprhensive full panel lab testing.

Enjoy the highest grade extracts in the most advanced delivery system available with Habit.

About this strain

Space Cake, also known as “Space Age Cake,” is a potent hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing GSC Forum Cut Cookies¬†with Snow Lotus. Space Cake offers a creamy flavor profile you expect from a cookies strain, backed up by bright notes of fruit and berries. In terms of effects, Space Cake produces an uplifting high that leaves you wondering if your feet are touching the ground. According to growers, this strain takes the famous GSS to soaring new heights by increasing both yield and trichome production thanks to the healthy Snow Lotus male. Space Cake was originally bred by Bodhi Seeds.

Questions about Space Cake

Is Space Cake an indica or sativa?

Space Cake is a hybrid strain with both indica and sativa qualities.

How does Space Cake make you feel?

Space Cake makes you feel happy, uplifted, and relaxed.

How does Space Cake taste?

Space Cake tastes nutty with notes of vanilla and berries.

What terpenes are in Space Cake?

Space Cake features caryophyllene as the dominant terpene.

What strains are similar to Space Cake?

Strains similar to Space Cake include Tropicana Cookies, Platinum Cookies, and Bubba Kush.


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