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About this product

When it comes to pure CBD potency and power—there’s no substitute for CBD Moon Rocks.

Our superior CBD Moon Rocks are made for when tinctures, distillates, and edibles just won’t cut it. Experience uplifting euphoria and total-body relaxation after just one puff of these astounding CBD Moon rocks.

Our CBD Moon Rocks blow away the competition due to our commitment to quality. After all, our CBD Moon Rocks are composed of the highest-quality ingredients.

We start with premium organic hemp flowers that are trimmed and cured to perfection. No pesticides or other chemicals ever come into contact with our hemp flowers.

These top-quality hemp flowers are then dipped in a solventless CBD hash oil. That means that no chemicals are used to create the delicious and sticky hash oil.

The hash oil saturates every part of the hemp flower, making it glisten with cannabinoids. Lastly, the hash oil-dipped hemp flowers are rolled in terpene-rich kief like a snowman.

The result is a multi-layered ball of CBD that’s primed for pure relief. Simply load up a piece of the CBD Moon Rock in your bong or piece, and let it rip.


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