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Combining two-time Cannabis Cup winner The Purps with the highly decorated Blue Buddha, Purple Buddha is a strain your garden can’t be without! With hints of grape and cream, accompanied by a quicker grow time, this strain is one to always impress and will keep you coming back for more.

A fairly short plant, Purple Buddha must remain in vegetative phase for a considerable amount of time to become a big plant. She also will not make a lot of side branches, and the ones that she does make tend to be smaller, a combination that predisposes this variety to do well with minimal effort in a sea of green set-up. Purple Buddha’s buds are tight and narrow, allowing moisture to escape easier than short, thicker bud formations. Try this one outdoors, even in humid locations for a covert plant that delivers high-quality yield.

Buddha buds form many dark auburn hairs early. When everything around it still has white hairs, Purple Buddha’s hairs have turned a color that tempts you to harvest, but exercise patience. Purple Buddha needs a full 9 weeks to reach maturity, and the high just gets better with the wait.

This medicinal quality cannabis has the taste of a sweet cherry candy and an uplifting creative high that is lucid and mentally stimulating.

About this strain

Purple Buddha is a cross between The Purps and Blue Buddha.  Combines grape flavors of the Purps with the creamy berry tastes of Blue Buddha.


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