Originals All-In-One – Master OG

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Originals All-In-One – Master OG
Indica / Earthy, Diesel, Citrus

A blissful harmony of earthy diesel notes with a splash of lemon citrus evokes immediate relaxation.

Originals: Originals is our classic, timeless terpene-rich extract honoring the distinct identities of the most popular strains today. Our classic flower strains feature native cannabis terpenes that capture the taste and feel of the flower they came from. With strains well-loved since their inception and elevated potencies, this differentiated line appeals to those who value intricate aromas and flavors.

All-In-One: Our ready to use All-In-One is back and better than ever. Known for its patented signature look, precise delivery, and compact design we’ve made significant updates to deliver breakthrough performance with ultra portability.

About this strain

Master OG, also known as “Master OG Kush,” is an indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain from Cabin Fever Seed Breeders. Made by crossing Master Kush with Empress Kush, Master OG produces large and dense buds that tend to bend branches under the weight. This colorful, pine-scented flower is an ideal match for those suffering pain, nausea, and lack of sleep.


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