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A Sativa dominant hybrid named to honor the inventor of the AK-47 assault rifle, Mr. Kalashnikov, Kalashnikov comes from roots recognized and respected by all. Kalashnikov comes from crossbreeding between Colombian, Mexican, Thai, and Afghan genetics. An ideal plant for novice growers, this plant requires little specialized maintenance to produce high yields both indoor and outdoor.

K-47 is a complex mix of Colombian, Mexican, Thai, and Afghani genetics that only a master breeder like Simon from Serious Seeds could manage. It is one of the most well-known contemporary strains and one of the most hard hitting – it’s no coincidence that it was named after the most lethal rifle in the world.

It’s a common misconception that the strongest of the most famous strains are harder to grow, and K-47 banishes this myth by being particularly simple to cultivate. It can grow in any environment but prefers indoor setups, where it will grow out in 10 days from clone. These seedlings will only ever get to a medium height, making a lack of space not a problem. Their growth is vigorous, however, and if you plan on topping, you’re going to need to give the plants some support as they mature.

A flowering time of 60 days is usual, and from this you can harvest up to 500 grams per square yard of grow room. The compact nugs are a sight to behold, with a thick coat of crystals and hardly any leaves, and it’ll be tough to keep your hands off them until they’ve properly cured.

K-47 has very powerful effects, but rather than knocking you down brain dead, it will leave you with a nice, balanced high, affecting both head and body, although if you carry on toking, you’ll find yourself with a serious head high. It’s definitely a one hit wonder, though, and even if you are a daily smoker, you’ll be left a little blown away by its potency.


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