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Grape Ape is a potent knock out strain that’s perfect for nighttime use or when you’re looking for a relaxed chill session. This strain is very popular with medical users for its ability to manage pain, muscle spasms, insomnia, calm PTSD and stimulate the appetite. High levels of the terpene Myrcene are present and it’s thought to bring many medical benefits. Within minutes of vaping or smoking your muscles and joints with feel relief and your mind will be calm. Grape Ape has a long-lasting high that can leave you feeling the effects even after a long nap. The average THC is 20%-25% and CBD is .07%. Grape Ape is an almost pure indica at 90%-10% and delivers a heavy case of couch-lock that usually only breaks when you go to the kitchen because of the epic munchies you’ll experience.

About this strain

Grape Ape, propagated by Apothecary Genetics and Barney’s Farm, is a mostly indica strain that crosses Mendocino PurpsSkunk, and Afghani. Named for its distinct grape-like smell, this indica is known for providing carefree relaxation that can help soothe painstress, and anxiety. Its dense, compact buds are wreathed in deep purple leaves which darken as this indica reaches full maturation following its 7 to 8 week flowering time.


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