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White Widow strain is just that “white.” She shines and shimmers with a stunningly thick white coating of trichomes. White Widow is one of the most awarded cannabis strains ever! She is the cornerstone to all the “white” strains and a very potent medicine. She is mostly sativa and ultra potent with THC levels that can well exceed 20%. She demands respect like the widow spider she is named after!

The White Widow strain grows a lot of dense buds with pleasantly uplifting aromas. These White Widow seeds are the result of crossing a pure Brazilian sativa female and an Indian, Keralan hybrid male, resulting in about 70% Sativa. As an sativa-dominant cannabis strain and it grows well both indoors and outdoors, and will finish outside in 65-70 days.

Characteristics of White Widow Strain
Suitable for both indoors and outdoors
Sex: Regular Seeds (non-feminized)
Genotype: 30% Indica/ 70% Sativa
Cross: Brazillian Sativa & Indian Indica
Indoor flowering period: 65-70 days
Outdoor harvest time: mid-October
Outdoor yield: 2-4 lbs per plant
Indoor yield: 400-600 g/m2
Outdoor height: 5 – 10 Feet
THC Content: 18% – 26%
White Widow is a great medicinal strain with uplifting qualities that many medical cannabis patients love, delivering a cerebral experience, coupled with a strong glow. She is also great for general pain relief and inducing appetite, anti-inflammatory. The sativa aspect seems to reduce her somniferous (sleep-inducing) effects making the White Widow strain a good all day medicine.

About this strain

Among the most famous strains worldwide is White Widow, a balanced hybrid first bred in the Netherlands by Green House Seeds. A cross between a Brazilian sativa landrace and a resin-heavy South Indian indica,  White Widow has blessed every Dutch coffee shop menu since its birth in the 1990s. Its buds are white with crystal resin, warning you of the potent effects to come. A powerful burst of euphoria and energy breaks through immediately, stimulating both conversation and creativity. White Widow’s genetics have given rise to many other legends like White RussianWhite Rhino, and Blue Widow. Still, many growers prefer cultivation of the original White Widow, which flowers in about 60 days indoors.


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